Research and Development
Chiral Biosciences Limited has a decent Research and Development attached with analytical R & D and Quality Control (QC) laboratories, staffed by qualified and experienced personnel.

Core Technologies
With strong and able minds in the R & D, CBL is handling the following technologies:
Asymmetric synthesis of chiral compounds
Organo-metallic compounds: chemistry and handling
Reduction involving diborane, Hydrogenation
Cryogenic reactions (temperature up to 65 deg.c) 
Pressure reactions
Partial oxidation
High vacuum distillation
Any unit operations in organic synthesis

Classical Technologies
Displacement Grignard reaction
Curtius reaction
Sandmeyar reaction
Selective Nitrations
Diels-Alder reaction
Suzuki cross coupling reaction
Strecker reaction
Hoffman reaction
Jones oxidation
Schmidt reaction
Tschitschi-babin reaction
Von-Richter rearrangement reaction
Any unit process approach in organic synthesis